See that quincunx, how beautiful it is! What can you observe more graceful?

Marcus Fabius Quintilian, 35-95 AD

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Men & vineyards

The personal integrity of the producer, respect for the terroir and the landscape, the intimate knowledge of the varietal. In our opinion, it takes all this to make a wine as it should be: a declaration of love to nature, where it comes from, and to men, who use it to celebrate their most pleasant moments.

We regret having to see how any means becomes justified to submit nature and create a globalized standard wine. Super-yeasts, miraculous enzymes, the destruction of the vineyard’s ecosystem: on the other hand, the pleasure of drinking is often reduced to the pursuit of the prestige attached to a name.

Of course, viticulture can not be a non-profit enterprise. But we are also carriers of a responsibility and we would always be able to explain in simple words exactly what you are going to pay with the price of their favorite wine.

The Quincunx portfolio consists of wines from producers who have chosen to walk the hard road of honesty.