See that quincunx, how beautiful it is! What can you observe more graceful?

Marcus Fabius Quintilian, 35-95 AD

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Six producers from the Quincunx portfolio earn special mentions in the new Slow Food wine guide

The long awaited day has come and Slow Food has finally introduced Slowine 2011, the first issue of their own guide to Italian wines after the split with the Gambero Rosso. Right from this very first edition we notice the different focus, shifting away from The International Style and towards the values of terroir identity and sustainable agriculture.

We’d like to wish the Slowine team that their guide may quickly become the new reference to the world of Italian terroir wines.

Another revolutionary decision we appreciate is the total absence of a point system to rate the wines (along with other terroir geeks we raise our glasses to such bravery). Instead, just three kinds of special mentions have been introduced, both for the producers and single bottles:

Vino Slow: wines that ensure both an outstanding drinking experience and an extraordinary background of territorial, traditional and historical values.

Slow Food Snail Award: a winery able to impress the characteristics required for a Vino Slow to all of its wines. Only these producers are presented on a whole page in the guide. There are 160 of them in total and only 6 in Sicily.

Grande Vino: wines that stood out in repeated tastings.

Bottiglia Award: styles wineries which mantain such high quality standards through all their wines.

Vino Quotidiano: a wine with high value for money (reference retail price less than 10 €).

Moneta Award: given to wineries that ensure the Vino Quotidiano criteria for all of their wines.

The following producers from the Quincunx portfolio gained special mentions in the 2011 Slowine guide:

> I Vigneri di Salvo Foti

Slow Food Snail Award

> Ferrandes

Slow Food Snail Award

> Tenuta di Castellaro

Nero Ossidiana 2008 – Grande Vino

> Il Cantante

Bianco Il Cantante 2007 – Grande Vino

> Barraco

Catarratto 2008 – Vino Quotidiano
Nero d’Avola 2008 – Vino Slow

Our special congratulations go to our new partner Nino Barraco, who is finally getting the long deserved acknowledgements for his work, and, of course, to our friend Salvo Foti for three “Grande Vino” mentions (Nero Ossidiana, Etna Bianco Il Cantante and Cerasuolo Gulfi) and for obtaining the “Cantina Slow” approval both for I Vigneri and Ferrandes.

We feel proud and honoured to be allowed to work with independent men who are showing another time how important their work on their vines is, and we hope to be able to prove worthy of a similar portfolio.

Massimo and Thomas

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