See that quincunx, how beautiful it is! What can you observe more graceful?

Marcus Fabius Quintilian, 35-95 AD

2012 wine guides previews

Every autumn, the speculations about the new wine guides are at the centre of wine lovers’ debates, and this year we already have the first official previews into the most sought-after awards. As usual, Gambero Rosso started the dances; their prestigious Tre Bicchieri have been awarded to a Nero d’Avola grand cru of Nero Bufaleffj 2007.

Slow Wine, Slow Food’s Italian wine guide, will be presented only at the end of October, with big news: starting with the 2012 edition, Slow Wine will also be translated in English and German.

After the 2011 volume, which was highly satisfacting for the producers from the Quincunx portfolio, also this year they don't pass unnoticed: the first confirmed award is the one given to Bianco Pomice 2007 from Tenuta di Castellaro, styled a Grande Vino, just as had already been done with Nero Ossidiana 2008.

We can promise you further news, of which we only have heard off-the-record for now, during the next weeks.