See that quincunx, how beautiful it is! What can you observe more graceful?

Marcus Fabius Quintilian, 35-95 AD

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The Vigneri bottle reduces its carbon footprint

Respect for environment and landscape is the cornerstone of the Consorzio I Vigneri. The associated producers use no chemicals both in the vineyard and in the cellar, and trie to maintain their environmental footprint as small as possible. The collaboration with Vetrobalsamo adds another piece to this picture.

The bottles with the embossed Vigneri logo, used by all wineries in the Consorzio, is produced by Vetrobalsamo using cutting edge oxycombustion technology: the ovens used in the production cycle are in fact fed by pure oxygen instead of air.

The energy savings achieved amount to 30%. Also the emissions into the atmosphere are noticeably cut down:

  • minus 70% of nitrogen oxide,
  • minus 30% of fine dust,
  • minus 8% of carbon monoxide,
  • minus 70% of the volume of fumes.

The oxygen arrives at the factory through a pipeline, further reducing pollution by transport on the road.

Recycling is another contribution to the environment: the bottle is made from 80% recycled glass.