See that quincunx, how beautiful it is! What can you observe more graceful?

Marcus Fabius Quintilian, 35-95 AD

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We know that the best person to inspire you about a winery is always its owner. This is particularly the case for a small producer: there could be no one better to talk about his project, the motivations that animate his work, the production philosophy that gave birth to his wine. Men who know their vineyard vine by vine do not need prompters to talk about their work.

And the rest? Current times require knowledge of the various communication channels and their rules. One has to pick carefully and allocate resources wisely so that investments made are in the right place.

Quincunx supports producers in managing their communication strategies. Here are some examples of what we offer:

  • Development of the visual identity for wine producers.
  • Designs for labels, tech sheets, brochures.
  • Copy for printed material, websites, press campaigns.
  • Communication budget plans.
  • Translations
  • Media Design