See that quincunx, how beautiful it is! What can you observe more graceful?

Marcus Fabius Quintilian, 35-95 AD

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Wine Marketing

For a wine producer inspired by the values of nature and terroir, the least romantic side of his work is often how to find ways of selling the product.

Quincunx has been created to provide commercial and communication support to small producers from Sicily’s best terroirs, each of which might not have the necessary strength to cover every market.

To give dignity to their wine, they need to know the importers and distributors entrusted with selling it - people who are able to communicate to retailers and consumers the values, the landscape, the men and the vineyards that form the wine’s background.

Among the services offered by Quincunx:

  • Advice about market positioning.
  • Building, training and support of the sales network in Italy and abroad.
  • Advice and support for participation in major trade shows and other events.
  • Support in building the winery’s image.
  • Advice on national laws of the importing countries.
  • Organization of promotional tour of vineyards and wineries for our partners in foreign markets.
  • Organization of tasting events.