A wine’s finest ingredient is the honesty of the man who produces it.

From “La montagna di fuoco” by Salvo Foti

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Alicante, Cannonau, Garnacha, Grenache, Tocai rosso: many names for a varietal that is one of the most widely planted on all shores of the Mediterranean. Its origin, Spanish or Sardinian, is still discussed, but it certainly spread in all the areas dominated first by the Crown of Aragon and then by Spain, before it became a protagonist of many wine regions, from Sicily to France and finally the New World.

The hard wood of its canopies makes it ideal for bush vine training. Usually it is added to blends with other more tannic and coloured varieties where it can add body and fruitiness. Cultivated in extreme weather conditions and with low yields, it can give concentrated red wines of high longevity.


A rosè from Europe’s highest vineyard, 1300 m above sea level, from up to 200 years old vines.

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Bottle of Vinudilice


The fire of the volcano and the minerality of its soils in a perfect interpretation of the red Etnean varietals.

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Bottle of Vinupetra

Aetneus Etna Rosso DOC

From monumental vineyards on Mt.Etna’s northern slopes: a natural wine that’s alive and vibrant, complex and elegant.

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Bottle of Aetneus