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Gaius Plinius Secundus, 23 AD - 79 AD

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The Catarratto is the historical varietal of Western Sicily, used as the basis for Marsala, or blended with other wines. Nino Barraco reinterprets it as a hommage to ancient table wines: his work in the vineyard and winery is always aimed at respecting its authenticity.

This wine comes from a 16 years old vineyard, 120 m above sea level, with particularly black soil rich in organic matter. But the interpretation that makes the difference takes place in the cellar, with a small maceration on the skins before the grapes are pressed in a manual press, extracting only the “free run”, the most precious part of the juice.

The primary fermentation starts spontaneously from wild yeasts present on the skins. To create a wine that not only maintains its terroir characteristics, but is also able to tell the history of viticulture of the area, Nino awaits the end of the lactic fermentation, and only then he adds a minimum of sulfites to block the lactic acid bacteria as they would inevitably undermine the wine. The wine is bottled without previous filtration!

The result is a wine with prevalent tertiary notes (nutmeg and smoke), a strong character and extreme in the mouth without a possibility of mediation. The varietal brings itself in with a bitter aftertaste, offering a complete immersion into the Marsalese terroir.



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Bianco IGT Sicilia


Vigna Badessa, Marsala

Grape varietals

Catarratto 100%


Espalier, 2.800 plants per hectare

Age of vineyard

15 years


120 m AMSL


Dark soil, rich in organic substances


Harvest by hand, fermentation on the skins for 4 days, pressing with a vertical press, primary fermentation from wild yeasts at temperatures between 25 °C and 32 °C. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation between october and december. No filtration.


8 months in steel tank


5 months in the bottles

Produced bottles

3.000 (vintage 2008)

Tasting notes

Eye: intense yellow, almost golden.

Nose: intense and persistent with hints of yellow flowers (broom) and white fruit (mountain peach), citrus notes (citron), tertiary notes like sulfur and nutmeg.

Palate: bright mineral note.