The master’s eye is the best fertilizer.

Gaius Plinius Secundus, 23 AD - 79 AD


Nino Barraco in 2004 takes possess of his family’s vineyards, seven hectares, adding two more hectares leased in carefully selected areas of Western Sicily. His idea of wine is inspired by tradition, nurtured by generations of family know-how and the result of a passion for natural wine and faith in the variability of nature.

For Nino, wine is the representation of identity: possible dissonant notes participate overwhelmingly in this characterization. The result is a wine that might not be perfect, but is always recognizable for its personality and diversity. To reach this, Nino carefully avoids the intervention of outside experts trying to bring him back into line. Barraco jealously maintains a personal relationship with his wine, from the work in the vineyard to winemaking, from bottling to marketing.

The Barraco rules

Nino’s goal is to produce long-aging wines from indigenous varietals, through measures adopted in the vineyard (short Guyot pruning, espalier training) and traditional wine-making practices which are antithetical to the current wine dogma. This is accompanied by a different concept of quality, where wine is measured only by its capacity to excite. Nino summarizes his choices in nine rules:

  • Native varietals
  • Organic farming
  • Direct management of vineyards
  • Only indigenous wild yeasts
  • Reduced interventions in the cellar (no acidification)
  • Inert containers (no barrique)
  • Each wine is the result of a single vineyard
  • Wines in purity
  • At least one year of aging


Azienda Agricola Nino Barraco

Grillo 2009

Catarratto 2008

Nero d’Avola 2008

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A successful reinterpretation of the wine produced in Marsala before the Marsala.

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Bottle of Grillo


Strong and extreme character, a complete immersion into the Marsalese terroir.

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Bottle of Catarratto


As Nino Barraco puts it, the Gewürztraminer of the South.

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Bottle of Zibibbo

Nero d’Avola

Surprising balance between alcoholic power and fresh acidity.

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Bottle of Nero d’Avola


Sea fragrances that come in unusual for a red wine, highly satisfying round taste.

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Bottle of Pignatello


A unique wine: Nero d’Avola late harvest.

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Bottle of Milocca