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Gaius Plinius Secundus, 23 AD - 79 AD

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Nino Barraco’s Grillo is a reinterpretation of the wine produced in Marsala before the British invented the Marsala, the same wine that is traditionally drunk at the farmers’ tables still today. The grapes are selected from a vineyard planted 32 years ago on a sand dune just a kilometer from the sea. Nino harvests in late August, when the grapes for a few days reach a delicate balance between acidity and alcohol content.

In the cellar, after a short maceration on the skins, the grapes are pressed in a manual press that allows to extract only the “free run”, the most precious part of the juice. The primary fermentation starts spontaneously from wild yeasts present on the skins. The wine is aged until May in steel and bottled without clarification processes, filtration, or tartaric stabilization.

The end result is a wine with prevailing tertiary aromas (candied citron, bitter almond, very fruity and mineral) that doesn’t concede any compromise on its taste. The varietal character is revealed by a pseudo-sense of fatness.


Grillo 2009


Tech sheet


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Bianco IGT Sicilia


Vigna Riina Vecchia, Marsala

Grape varietals

Grillo 100%


Espalier, 2.800 plants per hectare

Age of vineyard

30 years


10 m AMSL


Red soil, with sand on the surface


Harvest by hand, stemming, fermentation on the skins for 2 days, pressing with a vertical press, primary fermentation from wild yeasts at temperatures between 25 °C and 30 °C. No malolactic fermentation.


9 months in steel tank


5 months in the bottles

Produced bottles

3.000 (vintage 2008)

Tasting notes

Eye: intense golden yellow.

Nose: ripe apricot, hints of citrus, chalky, anchovis, very mineral.

Palate: fruity with hints of iodine.