A wine’s finest ingredient is the honesty of the man who produces it.

From “La montagna di fuoco” by Salvo Foti

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Carricante is an ancient native varietal of Mt. Etna. It reigns over the vineyards of the highest areas, where the Nerello Mascalese hardly matures. Like all Etnean grape varieties it is late-maturing (mid October).

Carricante, on Mt. Etna, gives rise to wines characterized by a high acidity. Domenico Sestini already in 1774 told how the growers left the Carricante in barrels on the lees until Spring. In this way they facilitated malolactic fermentation, which softened the pronounced acidity which is typical of this wine.

Carricante grapes are the source of great white wines of unexpected duration, with redominating scents of apple, orange blossom, anise. On the palate, a nice acid backbone gives structure and longevity.


Salvo Foti’s white wine: Etna’s characteristical minerality, acidity and freshness.

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