A wine’s finest ingredient is the honesty of the man who produces it.

From “La montagna di fuoco” by Salvo Foti

I Custodi
delle vigne dell’Etna

I Custodi” are the keepers, the guardians of Mt. Etna’s vineyards: to guard means to preserve the land, to maintain the traditions and to respect the people.

From these values and from the love for a beautiful land, where the vine was brought by man more than two millennia ago, spring the wines of I Custodi, the result of the generosity and the minerality of the warm volcanic soil, the cold of the Muntagna and the sun of Sicily.


I Custodi are Mario and Manuela Paoluzi, Mario and Manuela Paoluzi, a young couple motivated by their common passion for wines and La Muntagna — as the Sicilians call Mt. Etna, with affection but also respect — they decide to buy a few hectares of vineyards in the best vine-growing area on the north side of the volcano.

Healthy vines of all ages, growing densely on ancient dry stone terraces, supported by their stake in chestnut wood, are cultivated in harmony with the environment that surrounds them — only by manual labor and with the help of Ciccio the mule — by I Vigneri, skilfull Etnean winegrowers. Winegrowing as it has always been on Mt. Etna for centuries, without synthetic chemicals, in respect of the people, the landscape and the nature.

I Custodi started with two wines, Ante and Aetneus Etna Rosso DOC, made from native grapes. In 2013, Alnus Etna Rosato DOC and the new red wine, Pistus, were added to the line-up. The big red wine from the Centennial Vineyard in Calderara is still maturing to be released after five or six years.

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With all the elegant and deep nuances of the terroir’s most representative white grape varieties.

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Bottle of Ante

Alnus Etna Rosato DOC

A rosé that is no rosé: fresh and sharp-edged like a great white, and at the same time full and comforting like a good red Etna.

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Bottle of Alnus

Pistus Etna Rosso DOC

A red wine like the men of the Muntagna: sharp, severe, sharp, cutting.

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Bottle of Pistus

Aetneus Etna Rosso DOC

From monumental vineyards on Mt.Etna’s northern slopes: a natural wine that’s alive and vibrant, complex and elegant.

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Bottle of Aetneus