A wine’s finest ingredient is the honesty of the man who produces it.

From “La montagna di fuoco” by Salvo Foti

I Vigneri di Salvo Foti

Two hectares of bush-trained vineyards, located between 700 and 1300 meters above sea level, on the north and east sides of Europe’s highest volcano. Salvo Foti works his ancient vines in full respect of the tradition, with non-invasive tools and techniques. A viticulture of excellence aiming at harmony with mankind and the environment.


Salvo Foti can count on thirty years of experience working as an agronomist and winemaker for some of the most important wineries in Sicily — but to these years we should add the experiences of his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, who taught him that wine is made from the grapes grown in the vineyard, and not from cellar technology.


Vinudilice 2010

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Salvo Foti’s white wine: Etna’s characteristical minerality, acidity and freshness.

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Bottle of Vinujancu


A rosè from Europe’s highest vineyard, 1300 m above sea level, from up to 200 years old vines.

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Bottle of Vinudilice

Etna Rosso I Vigneri

In a bottle, the tale of a unique landscape and culture.

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Bottle of Etna Rosso I Vigneri


The fire of the volcano and the minerality of its soils in a perfect interpretation of the red Etnean varietals.

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Bottle of Vinupetra