A wine’s finest ingredient is the honesty of the man who produces it.

From “La montagna di fuoco” by Salvo Foti

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Nerello Mascalese

Nerello Mascalese (Niureddu in Sicilian) is the principal native varietal of the Etna region. It was selected by local vine-growers several hundred years ago in Mascali, a village on the slopes of Etna.

It is common to the entire region and grows at heights between 350 and 1,050 metres above sea-level. Depending on the vine training system and on the the exposition of the vineyard, it produces wines with nuances and characteristics significantly different from each other. Like all varieties native to Mt. Etna, it ripens late (around the middle of October).

If properly cultivated and vinified, it produces great red wines which, at full maturation, provide the palate with wonderful sensations of flowers, tobacco and spices, further enhanced by the typical tannines. These characteristics are strongly influenced by the climatic pattern throughout the year – the excessive heat of the summer and the excessive rainfall in the autumn have an enormous effect on the physiology of the vine and explain why the quality of the wines obtained from the Nerello Mascalese is very closely linked to their area of origin and the vintage.

Alnus Etna Rosato DOC

A rosé that is no rosé: fresh and sharp-edged like a great white, and at the same time full and comforting like a good red Etna.

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Bottle of Alnus

Pistus Etna Rosso DOC

A red wine like the men of the Muntagna: sharp, severe, sharp, cutting.

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Bottle of Pistus

Etna Rosso I Vigneri

In a bottle, the tale of a unique landscape and culture.

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Bottle of Etna Rosso I Vigneri


The fire of the volcano and the minerality of its soils in a perfect interpretation of the red Etnean varietals.

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Bottle of Vinupetra

Aetneus Etna Rosso DOC

From monumental vineyards on Mt.Etna’s northern slopes: a natural wine that’s alive and vibrant, complex and elegant.

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Bottle of Aetneus

Etna Rosso Il Cantante

From ancient vines: the flagship of Mick Hucknall’s winery.

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Bottle of Etna Rosso