A wine’s finest ingredient is the honesty of the man who produces it.

From “La montagna di fuoco” by Salvo Foti

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Zibibbo or Moscato di Pantelleria is the name under which the Muscat of Alexandria goes on the island of Pantelleria. It is believed to be one of the oldest grape varietals still in existence. Originally from North Africa, today it is cultivated mostly as a table grape – but in Greece, Sicily and southern Spain it is still used for wine production.

The name probably derives from the Arabic zabib, meaning “raisin”.

According to some scholars, the Zibibbo was brought from its birthplace in North Africa to Pantelleria by the Phoenicians. It is more credible though that the Arabs have introduced the grape to the island. Definitely of Arabic origin are the characteristic terraces where the grape is grown still today. Almost the entire Italian production of Muscat of Alexandria comes from Pantelleria.

Zibibbo Barraco

As Nino Barraco puts it, the Gewürztraminer of the South.

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Bottle of Zibibbo

Passito di Pantelleria Ferrandes

Rather than a wine, this is the juice of crushed Zibibbo grapes.

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Bottiglia di Passito